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Outlook 2024: Growth at Ghent's Art Omi starts with Ruth Adams

GHENT - When Art Omi opened in 1992, it was a simple park with no entrance or staff. At the time, it was used as an international residency program, inviting artists from around the world to come and practice their craft.

If local residents knew about it, they knew about it.

It wasn’t until 10 years later, when Ruth Adams joined as manager of artist residency, that the Columbia County arts center grew into something more.

Schenectady County Resources For Help With Meals During The Holidays - Your Schenectady

As the holiday season approaches, many people start to prepare menus for big holiday gatherings with friends and family, while others may not know if they will even have a holiday meal.

The United States Department of Agriculture defines food insecurity as a lack of consistent access to enough food for every person in a household to live an active, healthy life. This can be a temporary situation or can last for longer periods of time.

Superintendent Soler shows support for new Swim Curriculum in schools - Your Schenectady

The morning of Oct. 25 at Schenectady High School was filled with fun, education and guidance as Superintendent Soler and colleagues worked with third grade students in the swimming pool, as part of a new swim program in their physical education curriculums.

District officials have noted that swimming has been an interest for many Schenectady students and their families judging by the turnout for a recently implemented new class. The school began a six week, “learn to swim classes” on Thursday

New interactive exhibits coming to miSci

From the space age to the future, miSci’s three new exhibits, “Ground to Gourmet: Tracing the Origins of the Food We Love,” “A Taste of Science” and “Space to Spoon,” will take visitors on a tour of food and food technology through artificial intelligence, starting Saturday, September 30 with weekend hours from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ground to Gourmet: Tracing the Origins of the Foods We Love

This interactive exhibit blends history, science and art while exploring the culinary depths of New York St

SUNY Schenectady Faculty and Staff Earn Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence

Five members of the SUNY Schenectady County Community College faculty and staff have been awarded with 2023 SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence.

The SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence were created more than 45 years ago to honor the distinguished performance of SUNY’s teaching faculty, librarians, and members of the professional and classified services. The Awards are honors for professional achievement and to encourage the pursuit of continued excellence, according to SUNY.

The recip

The Artistry Studios, a neighborhood revitalization project

Another exciting neighborhood revitalization project is The Artistry Studios, a new venture from the Albany Barn, which operates a makerspace and performing arts space in Schenectady’s Hamilton Hill neighborhood called the Electric City Barn.

Located in a former convent on Eastern Avenue, The Artistry Studios will provide affordable studios for 20 artists, giving them a place to work and be part of the city’s burgeoning arts scene. Renovations are ongoing, but some studios have already been ren

Foundation grants $265k for neighborhood projects

In March 2015, a devastating fire destroyed two high-rise apartment buildings on Schenectady’s Jay Street, directly across from City Hall. Since then, the lot has stood empty, a grim reminder of the tragedy that killed four and left dozens homeless.

Soon the lot will undergo a transformation led by the Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corp (DSIC), giving rise to Jay Square – a welcoming public space with game tables, shade, art, benches and a small stage.

The hope is that Jay Square will be an

GreenSheen Paint and Schenectady County partner for a free recycling event

GreenSheen, a paint recycler and manufacturing company, partnered with Schenectady County for a free paint recycling event on Sept. 23 at the SUNY Schenectady West Parking Lot.

The 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. event will allow residents and businesses to safely dispose of paint and paint-like materials.

“Schenectady County has sponsored multiple events this year to make it easier for residents to recycle paint, common household chemicals, and electronics waste, which can have a big impact on our community

The NYS Board of Elections issue a warning of staff impersonations

Across multiple counties, many reports have been made of individuals impersonating county Board of Elections staff, said the state Board of Elections on Friday.

BOE officials said the impersonators are confronting voters about their registration status and falsely accusing voters of committing a crime because of how they appear in the state voter database.

While Schenectady County Election officials aren’t aware of any reports, commissioners Laura Fronk and Darlene Harris wanted to bring aware

Free paint recycling in Rotterdam keeps unused paint out of landfills

Businesses and residents alike can recycle their old paint and coatings for free at GreenSheen Paint, a daily dropoff paint recycler in Rotterdam.

The Colorado-based recycler opened their New York location in August 2022, with daily hours of Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., but also operates in Colorado, Washington and Arizona, according to the Director of the New York location, Jared Pollack.

“We are a steward for the PaintCare program,” Pollack said. “And basically we are helping t

Syracuse Poster Project unveils 10 new poem-inspired artworks downtown

For 21 years, the Syracuse Poster Project has brought art and poetry to the streets of Syracuse. Now in its 22nd year, a crop of new posters brings an expression of friendship to the downtown community.

The nonprofit project started in 2001 after the city poster panels on Salina and Warren Streets fell into disuse. Artists are asked to design posters that illustrate a poem written by a local resident. The top 10 posters are chosen to decorate 10 poster panels throughout downtown Syracuse and an

A popular Upstate NY shopping destination has sold for $55 million

A popular shopping destination in Upstate New York has a new owner.

Clifton Park Center Mall, a nearly 630,000 square-foot property, was sold in a $55 million deal. CPC Development 1 led by Faraz Khan bought the property from longtime owner Donald Greene of DCG Development, according to the Times Union.

Redmark Realty assisted the selling which closed on March 10.

Originally built in 1976 and first purchased by DCG Development in 2006, the property transformed from a struggling mall to what i

A SUNY Oneonta student raises the campus’ first-ever guiding eye puppy

Ink, a black lab, is a part of the campus’s Guiding Eyes for the Blind club and is being raised by the club’s president Taylor Hendrickson.

News10 reports, Ink works with Guiding Eyes Leatherstocking Volunteer Region Coordinator Amy Blechman, who comes to campus weekly for a kindergarten-like class for puppies, where the focus is for “Team Ink” to bond as a team and get exposure to a variety of experiences.

“He’s still getting used to a college setting, but he’s doing really well,” Hendrickson

An Upstate NY town’s historic red phone booth has a new home

The iconic red, English style phone booth in downtown Watkins Glen has a new location -- just across the street.

The phone booth that has stood outside the Rooster Fish Brewing Pub for 31 years was moved to the front of the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce earlier this month.

According to WETM, the phone booth was sold after the original pub shut down and started selling assets. The Chamber of Commerce bought the booth to preserve that part of the village’s history.

A crew moved the boot

Upstate NY aquarium will soon be home to the world’s smallest sea turtle

An upstate New York aquarium will soon be home to one of the world’s smallest sea turtles.

The Aquarium of Niagara in Buffalo is building a sea turtle exhibit that will house a 40-year-old Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle, brought here from a breeding program in the Cayman Islands. The turtle is distinguished by its 2-foot adult length, triangular head and hooked beak.

The Kemp’s Ridley turtle population has decreased from about 12,000 nesting in 2014 to between 5,000 and 9,000 nesting today. That dec

It’s coyote mating season in Upstate NY: Here’s what it means for the safety of your pets

Coyote mating season is in full effect. This means keeping your dogs and cats safe is more important now more than ever.

WKTV reports coyotes mate during the early winter months and have their pups in the early spring, which can lead to potential attacks on small animals.

These attacks are usually caused by hunger or protection, and it’s not a widespread thing among the species — it’s a learned behavior.

“The pet issue really comes down to just individual coyotes learning to go after cats for

Report: Judge halts Saratoga Springs wedding venue from holding events

The neighbors next to S&S Saratoga Farm won a reprieve in a Saratoga County Court on Jan. 11 when a judge ruled to annul a town resolution.

The town resolution allowed for the farm to host weddings, but Judge Richard Kupferman said the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals “misinterpreted the special use permit and irrationally concluded that it provided the legal authority for the use at issue,” the Times Union reports.

This ruling made it so the S&S could no longer host weddings on their 5-acre far

FORCES brings college students to state parks

Walk past Clark Reservation’s animal-themed playground and follow the trail down. While hiking over leaf covered trails, about one and a half miles in, on the edge of a cliff you’ll find a fern family. These American Hart’s Tongue Ferns are currently on the endangered species list, but they’re being protected by FORCES, Friends of Recreation, Conservation, and Environmental Stewardship.

The program started in 2008 to encourage volunteerism at New York State Parks. Since then, several hundred vo

Richard Sherwood earns SUNY-wide police award for exceptional service

Technical Sergeant (T/Sgt) Richard Sherwood of SUNY Oswego’s University Police received the Professional Service Award on Nov. 16 at the SUNY University Police Awards.

The Professional Service Award recognizes members for acts that greatly enhance the operations of the respective university police department.

Of his 32 years of SUNY service, Sherwood spent the last decade of that time as technical sergeant. “I started this position with a pen and paper and then switched to a computer,” he said

Counseling Services to host events this week to help combat stress

SUNY Oswego’s Counseling Services Center is holding events starting today to help students combat stress for International Stress Awareness Week.

These events range from arts and crafts for both artistic and not-as-artistic students, to nature walks and eco-therapy, according to Kyle Dzintars, senior counselor and outreach coordinator.

“I’m running an expressive arts technique group” called “Get it Out: Using Art to Feel Better” on Monday, Nov. 1, Dzintars said. “It’s a program and workshop wi

New Oz Concern Navigator site connects students with resources

For the fall semester, the college rolled out a new web-based guide called the Oz Concern Navigator to help students find a variety of resources and solutions on and off campus.

Interim Dean of Students Christy Huynh and Director of Counseling Services Katherine Wolfe-Lyga spearheaded this web-based resource.

“Oz Concern Navigator is an online platform that allows all stakeholders to identify a concern that a student may be having and connect them with resources both on and off campus that sup